Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I've Got Some New Momentum!

Neal Morse, along with Mike PortnoyRandy George and band coincidently sum up my feelings in the new DVD release- Live MomentumOrder a copy or two today!

February is a month of beginnings, endings, changes and new momentum.

I am going to appear on Caroline Gavin’s podcast show on Blog Talk Radio, Purposeful Pathway on February 27. I am looking forward to chatting with Caroline and honored to be her guest. The show airs at 1:00 pm and if you miss it “live” you can catch it here.
If everything goes as planned, my blog will be moving to its new home on the web. It will be less restrictive on content and it will be interesting to see the results. I will let you know prior to the switch so I don’t lose you!
The possibility still exists to create an expanded type of format being web-based, providing I can line-up a few contributors and sponsors. Why not? The basis for the idea is doable, so it might or might not work.
I retired last Friday from the organization that eliminated my position after nearly 32 years as an employee. That feels great and it makes moving forward with a plan more intriguing. I am so excited to be out of that quagmire of fear and upheaval! It truly is a blessing.
I’ve started my second book and several people have offered suggestions for the title. Unfortunately, I already have a working title in mind and I am unable to announce it at this point. If the book doesn’t require lots of interviews and at a slow pace of 2,000 words-per-day; it’s possible to have the book written in a month. Stay tuned!
Until We Meet Again,
 Jim Carver
Author: The Legacy of David A. Wells- The Lexington High School “Band of Gold”
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  1. Forward movement of very exciting things... way to go!

    1. Thank you Mary. I appreciate your support so much. Jim