Book Review-

“The story of the Lexington, Ohio’s ‘Band of Gold’, led by the inspired and focused David A. Wells is vividly recounted in this detailed volume by Jim Carver. An enjoyable and insightful read that could inspire a new generation of motivated band directors and students.”
Steve Smith - drummer of the jazz/fusion band- Vital Information and former member of Journey.

Jim Carver documents the passion, drive, and strategy of one man: David A. Wells; in establishing one of the most successful music programs in the U.S.A. Despite Mr. Wells departure from Lexington in 1975 and his death in 2009; the success of the “Band of Gold” lives on to the present day! This is: “The Legacy of David A. Wells!”

Whether you’re a past or current member of the award winning Lexington High School Band of Gold, or just want to be inspired by a story of how visionary leadership, hard work and shared goals of an entire group can create something bigger, something that matters, this book will guide you on that journey!

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