Monday, March 18, 2013

Feast or Famine of a Free Spirit!

It’s been a strange week.
I had my first rehearsal with a group of friends supporting an up-and coming artist on Tuesday. It isn’t a normal band type situation as I am learning the pre-recorded percussion parts and merely being a backup musician. I am hoping there will be some “freedom” to be somewhat creative with my drumming. The learning curve will be the tell-tale factor in how soon we perform publicly.
Who is this talented young man? You may read about him in the new Rock Lines section of the upcoming expanded edition of the Rust Belt Chronicles.
The other neat possibility is I can see this becoming two or even three separate projects since the bass player has his own material as well. We could entertain in small lounges or dinner clubs with much of the material and/or expand into a rock/progressive band playing in larger venues. Providing time and resources are available our possibilities could be vast.
I really hadn’t planned on being in another band again, but the itch just won’t go away!
On Wednesday, my wife and I had supper at a local Italian restaurant. Look for the restaurant review in the first edition of the expanded edition of the Rust Belt Chronicles.
On Friday, I ran across some questions concerning legal photo usage and how to find a source to use images; so I questioned a few people online. As usual everyone replied. Next thing you know, I have a person who works for a popular blogging site possibly offering me to head his Ohio blog which would give me access to photos legally. The pay is minimal to start, but it would give me a huge audience immediately and could turn into a better position.
Interesting indeed, too bad I didn’t start this type of income two or three years ago.
So I began researching the company, its founders, policies and knowledge base for information. This led me to compare the company to its market competitors. After several questions I cooled my jets realizing instead of trying to get my own paper going; I had veered-off in a completely different direction.
While the company makes millions of dollars per year, the writers only see a small percent. For the experience and what could come out of it might not be a bad idea. But, can I devote enough time and energy to two entire online projects or more and make the best of both worlds?
With my own paper there is no middle-man, but the audience is small starting out. I may try both initially if the proper time and sanity are available.
The week that started out with only a few obstacles ended up taking so many directions, writing a blog was out of mind and impossible.
Who knows, maybe I needed a break. Maybe you needed a break from my daily writings?
 I am hoping to refocus on launching my expanded journal and one way or another- making a lot of noise!
Until We Meet Again,
 Jim Carver
Author: The Legacy of David A. Wells- The Lexington High School “Band of Gold”
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  1. Thanks Jim for the mention - freedom to be creative is what I'm all about. There's a specific groove on some of these songs that I'm really hoping to capture - but I see that as just a starting point. For starters I'm told that real drummers like to play something called a 'drum fill'? - you're not gonnna find too many of those on my album - creativity is what I need! Thanks for your willingness to get involved!

    1. Rob,
      Thank you for kind words and inspiration. Creativity is the root of music. It's refreshing to work with someone without the excess baggage,fear and addictions!You've got a very bright future ahead of you.

  2. Jim I agree - sometimes so many "opportunities" present themselves and we see the good in all - but we realize at some point we can't do it all - at least not if we want to do it well. I think it's awesome that you are pursuing your music career in this way - I look forward to hearing more about it all!

    1. Thank you Ann- I guess while I am out of work it's a good time to experiement; toss a few things around and see what works.
      I appreciate your kindness.