Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Successful Business Strategy?

As I awoke yesterday, a new business strategy raced through my mind. Should I consider going live with the new Rust Belt Chronicles site instead of waiting to add all the bells and whistles? As an entrepreneur, what’s a better successful business strategy? Will going "live" hurt the establishment of our small business?
Is fear holding me back? We are entering a competitive field. Are businesses, readers and subscribers willing to hang with us until we become a full service venture?
After going online a reader complimented me on our new website and asked if I had considered going “live” and working the details out as I go. Thank you, Stephen!
Perhaps, Stephen and I share telepathic thoughts?
We’ve decided to venture forward and launch sooner than later.
We believe it will work for the following reasons:
  • It’s never going to be “perfect”, if that's the goal the launch could take months.
  • We miss coverage of current stories and the opportunity to market ourselves to our audience by delaying.
  • By waiting, we forego awareness to possible advertisers.
  • It’s better to show our commitment towards what we intend to publish.
Will some people take one look at our coverage and never return? Sure. Those folks will always be floating through life. Naysayers are a dime a dozen and experts at everything (in their own mind).
There will undoubtedly be those who disagree with our views, stories and objectivity. Like Rick Nelson said: “You can’t please everyone” and we don’t intend too. We will ask tough questions that need to be asked. We will uncover concerns and bring darkness into light.
At the same time, we will offer articles of individuals who inspire with hope, success and motivation. News shouldn’t be always about gloom and doom. We will cover the best examples of people and businesses making a difference in today’s world. I think that is enough to keep a few people busy on a regular basis.
Specific categories may have little or no coverage until we can develop additional writers for assistance. No pain, no gain.

When is The Rust Belt Chronicles going live?

The Rust Belt Chronicles will begin coverage as soon as our legal paperwork is resolved. This could be a week or two. Articles are already being written and as soon as we get the legal go-ahead the debut will fly!
I am looking forward to this new journey and the opportunity to do something meaningful that matters!
Stay tuned and tell a friend about our exciting online newspaper.
Until We Meet Again,
                                                             Jim Carver

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  1. Jim, I am so excited for you and your venture! As one who tends to perfectionism, I have learned to accept "good enough" when it comes to launches (as I would be in the "perfectionizing" mode for months, perhaps years, otherwise!) I say "go for it" and then tweak as you go! Thank you, as always, for sharing your heart and for doing something meaningful that matters!

  2. Great for you Jim. I hope you will be successful with this. Thank you for sharing. Good luck and God bless!