Monday, January 21, 2013

Free at Last!

Earlier today, my boss walked into my office, stating: “Let’s take a walk, we have something to discuss.” The scene reminded me of the Prisoners of War being befriending by their captors and one day having to lead the walk to the gas chamber. ‘Just doing my job’ is what they were told prior to the executions. I am sure it was a stressful situation for him as well and people do what they must do to protect themselves.

The President of Human Resources and my department Vice President were seated in the room. The HR person proceeded to tear-up and give me the script of “Due to a reduction of staff, unfortunately your job has been eliminated.” I was extremely nervous, but relieved at the same time.
Our medical insurance expires at the end of the month. My head is spinning with thoughts of bills, debt and our very existance. What to do next? How can I even sleep? How can a system that two people gave nearly 65 years of your blood, sweat and tears just toss you aside?

Ethics require a Heart and a Conscience

With my wife being laid-off in June from the same employer, two questions have recently been on my mind:

When a company knows the husband and wife are depended on the income of the same employer would it be ethical to lay both spouses off?
When you lay-off the spouse, how ethical is it to fight against unemployment benefits when the other spouse is still employed by the same employer?

The Writing on the Wall

I was expecting to be laid-off partly because:

·        Last Friday, my wife won her hearing with the State of Ohio against her former employer protesting her unemployment compensation.

·        My boss has mostly steered away from me for a month or so.

·        The institution announced upcoming layoffs weeks ago.

The few take-a-ways from the last 32 years are getting to know some great people. I must thank my former employer for the inspiration for much of my writing over the last few years. It appears age, years of service, the strategic plan and challenging the system comes with a price. A price I have gladly paid to do Something Meaningful that Matters.
So ironically- on Martin Luther King Day; I am finally - Free at Last!

Until We Meet Again,
 Jim Carver
Author: The Legacy of David A. Wells- The Lexington High School “Band of Gold”
Something Meaningful that Matters!
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  1. Praying for you guys. This didn't take God by surprise, He already had a plan and a provision before you woke up today. Tomorrow is an exciting new beginning.

  2. Thank you Mary, you are a Godsend and an Angel! Jim and Jane

  3. Jim you and your wife are in my prayers. My husband will be retiring from teaching in 3 years or so and I just had a situation in my own life similar to yours in that I lost my job. I am in the situation of simply trusting that God knew this and allowed it because He has something better for me. I am focusing on my businesses and allowing Him to lead. I pray you are saturated through and through with His peace that passes understanding and that God opens doors you haven't even seen yet!

    1. Thank you Ann- I must be in good hands, because after this happened I am discovering others undergoing the same situation. It's kinda like it was meant to be and have contact with other wonderful inspiring people such as you. I wasn't aware of your situation and I sure don't want to burdon you with mine. It is a blessing to know you!You are in our prayers as well! Jim