Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Decision!

Yesterday’s blog was a big deal for me. I’ve committed myself to going forward with a new project. Will it succeed and fill a void? I certainly hope so.
A few people are excited and so it’s good to have a little momentum to back me. It’s not going to be an easy road to travel, but easy isn’t how anything truly meaningful begins. Perseverance and the ability to use modern technology with some great people and friends is all that is necessary to start.
What really matters is getting started. Everything else is trivial. Too often, we procrastinate and dream big dreams only to fail to initiate the process. Fear keeps us from our best work. It’s far easier to reason we don’t have the time, skills or background to take the giant leap.
With today’s technological information we have no excuse.
Between online videos, forums, blog articles and connecting with people from the internet, virtually any business can be started. We have the freedom and ability to do what was impossible without money, persuasion and experience; thirty years ago. The rules have changed.
Isn’t it time we get in the game?
Years ago, I worked in the factories and watched the auto industry production slow. It affected my wages by constantly being laid off and called back to work until the factory relocated. I spent 31 years in healthcare and witnessed the impending changes that kicked my wife and I to the curb. Why not do something where I call the shots for once?
You should too!
Relying on someone else to “keep us on the island” is a waste of precious time. Living a life of mediocrity usually implies living pay check to pay check. We bought into the American Dream years ago, so we could purchase stuff we don’t need or afford, due to the marketing displayed primarily on television.
You know the routine, work your shift, come home, eat a meal and turn on the television; while tuning out everything else. Pretending tomorrow will be better, only to play as the world turns, day after day. Television was the only media source to escape with at the time. Media sources have expanded and given us a vast wealth of ways to spend our time.
We can play online games or use the Internet to our advantage. We can do what we did yesterday or create our own plan. We can hang out on the island until our time is up or set sail to a new home.
Your choice!
Until We Meet Again,
 Jim Carver
Author: The Legacy of David A. Wells- The Lexington High School “Band of Gold”
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  1. T-Minus ...
    I'm also looking to launch a book project very shortly. Committing to an exact date shouldn't be hard - yet it is.

    Good luck and God Speed!

    - Pete

    1. Pete,
      Thanks for stopping by and I love your website. Awesome work you are doing! I tried to commenton your article about losing your friend but couldn't get my login to cooperate. Thank you! Jim

  2. Absolutely Jim - I wish you all the best with your project! I have several that will be launched shortly - online courses and the 2nd edition of my book. I agree - it's always our choice to make progress and create our own future.

    1. Ann- Wow! I don't know how you do it all! Congrats and thank you! Jim

  3. I know so many people who just think the only thing on the internet is porn. So they decide to stay away from computers. Yes, there is porn on the internet, but you have to look for it! Some people amaze me, they fixate on that, never realizing all the great things you can learn and discover on the world wide web. Sure, there are traps out there, people trying to scam you. They call you on the phone too, but people continue to use their phones. You just keep learning and use common sense and you'd be amazed what you can do and learn.