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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rock Lines Returns!

(Rock Lines is one of my feature articles in the new expanded version of The Rust Belt Chronicles. Stay tuned for a launch date.)

Trevor Bolder Recuperating

Uriah Heep bassist, Trevor Bolder, is recuperating after having surgery on his Pancreas. The operation and chemotherapy was successful in killing the cancer cells. We wish Trevor the best. Word has it; he may be back sooner than expected with Mick Box and company.
It looks like they hit the “Nail on the Head” with this procedure!
Trevor is a superb bass player, former member of David Bowie’s Spiders from Mars band and has the closest playing style of Jon Entwistle alive today. Witnessing his bass solo on “July Morning” is something to behold and unfortunately many YouTube’s postings fail to focus on his solo. We found a nice video displaying his prowess here, although the sound is a little distorted.
Filling in for Trevor on Heep’s upcoming tour is bassist, Dave Rimmer, best known for his work with Zodiac Mindwarp.  You may send Trevor a card or letter at this address:
Trevor Bolder

PO Box 6249

Leighton Buzzard



Thank Hank Party- The Cleveland Agora

The Cleveland Agora will host a 100th anniversary party on March 22nd in honor of its founder Hank Loconti. The VIP event ($200.00 a ticket) begins at 5:30 pm and the doors open for a concert ($48.00 ticket) at 8:30 pm.
Musical Guests include: Glass Harp, Foghat, members of the James Gang, Michael Stanley, Jimmy Ley, Freddie Salem (formerly of The Outlaws), Bootsy Collins, Unsaid Fate and many other surprise appearances. All proceeds will be donated towards the restoration project of the Agora at 5000 Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mystery Artist
 A few blogs ago, I mentioned I was back in the saddle backing-up a local up-and- coming artist. Who is this mystery man?
It’s the multi-talented artist, Rob Hemmick. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this young man mature as an artist. I first was blown away by his “one-man band” appearances 20 years ago and since then, Rob has produced his own material and honed his writing skills to a professional level.
You can check his latest release- "Sad Flight to the Sun", here.
The band features Eric Cicolani on guitar of The Thomas Edison Sound Machine and Ron McDonald of Mad Gathering on bass. The band is currently rehearsing for opening slot gigs later this spring.
That’s all for Rock Lines this week and make sure to watch for the new expanded edition The Rust Belt Chronicles to stay up on the latest happenings in Rock Lines.
Until We Meet Again,
 Jim Carver
Author: The Legacy of David A. Wells- The Lexington High School “Band of Gold”
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